Daisy May's Farm


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Your visit to the Farm

Our Animals

All of the animals here at Daisy May's Farm enjoy a free range life.  The poultry are able to roam free each day and only return to their houses at night, safe from the fox.  If you do not see them during your visit then this may be because we have had to control the number of birds out at any one time during your visit, due to the possible invation of the picnic and play areas!

The furthest sheep and goat paddocks are a new addition to the farm this year.  These areas allow the livestock to enjoy time in the paddock as they should.  Unfortunately these animal can only be touched when they are brought into the "Petting Area".  It is a requirement that we double fence these new paddocks so that there is no risk to members of the public, being able to touch these animals at any point where a handwash station is not avilable.  We hope that you understand the rules that we have to abide by and enjoy these livestock from a distance.  Don't forget that a range of these animals are always available for you to touch in the "Petting Area".

Feeding Guidelines

Food for the animals can be purchased from the "Snack Shack", upon arrival at the farm.  It can be fed to any of the animals that you will encounter on your trip.  Please ensure that the goats and sheep are fed from a flat hand and that pigs are not be fed by hand, as they may bite!  Food for them may be put directly onto the ground for them to eat.  Please ensure that children are supervised at all times.

Hand Washing

It is compulsory that all visitors to the farm wash their hands after touching the animals, fences or any other surface within the "Petting Area".  E-coli and other diseases are carried by farmyard animals and can cause serious illness, if hands are not washed thoroughly.  Please ensure that you visit our handwash station when leaving the petting area and wash your hands using soap and running water.  Children should be supervised to ensure that hands are washed adequately.  Hand sanitisers or wipes are not effective in eliminating E-coli.

Pregnant Women

Some infections can be passed from sheep (cattle & goats occasionally) to humans.  If a pregnant woman becomes infected, it could harm her and her unborn baby's health.  If you are pregnant or think you could be pregnant, please avoid sheep during lambing season.

Eating Areas

There are currently two picnic areas with benches available to enjoy your picnic, or snacks are available from the "Snack Shack".  During peak periods we suggest that you bring a blanket to avoid disappointment.


There are multiple signs that you will see around the farm during your visit.  These signs are there to offer advice and to keep you safe during your trip.  Please note that animals may bite/peck and that no "human food" may be taken into or eaten in the "Petting Area".  Buggies are permitted on the farm.  However, some of our paths are more suited to offroad types and we discourage the use of buggies in the "Petting Area", due to the risk of spread of infection.  A buggy park is available in the picnic area.

Group Visits

Group visits are always popular here at Daisy May's Farm.  Before your intended date of visit we encourage all group bookings to come and complete your own Risk Assessments. Please contact us to arrange a suitable date and time.